The Importance of Office Cleaning

At Cool to Clean Ltd we truly understand the value of a clean office, both to visitors to your premises and your employees. A vital aspect of business is perception. No matter how successful and respectable your company is, if it isn’t reflected in your office space your business will suffer. A clean and organised office gives the impression of a similarly immaculate provider. Your staff too can feel inspired by their environment and reflect your company ethos more effectively when in clean and ordered surroundings.

We offer a range of cleaning services across London and Essex for offices in a variety of industries. Whoever we supply though, we make sure that our cleaners are thorough in their work. A common example is desk space. Whereas some of our competitors are happy to simply clean the areas on show, a Cool to Clean Ltd employee goes above and beyond, giving them a deep clean and a more comfortable space. It is simple changes like this that can make such a huge difference.

Another level to our service that is often overlooked is the provision and purchase of cleaning products. Based on your requirements we are able to source top industry supplies, without adding a premium to the price. Our excellent relationships with janitorial wholesalers mean great prices on great products, with the savings passed on to you. Each product we buy is then added to a monthly spreadsheet, maintaining the transparency of our service and keeping you completely in the loop in regards to charges.

With Cool to Clean Ltd you are guaranteed a comprehensive service that saves you time and money. When you enlist us we are able to deal with all aspects of your clean, from sourcing products to arranging the most convenient times to visit. Our contracts are tailored to meet your requirements too, with management and maintenance key to our offering. Different spaces require a different approach, which is why we assign cleaners specific to your office style and size as opposed to a ‘one cleaner for all’ approach. Whether you are looking for daily, weekly, monthly or even specialist one-off deep cleans to clear the cobwebs, our competitive pricing and expert knowledge make Cool to Clean Ltd the first choice of professionals across the region.

Honesty and reliability are integral to our service, along with representing the companies we work for in the most effective way possible. If your cleaning company isn’t giving you the depth of service you need then think about a change today for a more refined and professional environment. Call us on 0203 668 2003 or email us at to change the way that your office looks and feels forever.