Trusting Your Cleaner

Trust plays a huge part in any business transaction, especially when it comes to letting people into your personal space. We work in offices across London and Essex, providing a service that places trust, honesty and integrity alongside quality in everything we do. As business owners ourselves we understand the dynamic of office space and how protective people can be. We also have experience of how personal belongings and valuables can often be left behind overnight.

Cash, Wallets, phones and iPads are just some of the objects that can be forgotten for the evening, both intentionally or otherwise. If you employ a less reputable company this can often cause concern, bringing strain and stress to the workplace as people are forced to gather everything they own before heading home.

With Cool to Clean Ltd. we understand the necessity to feel relaxed and trusting of your cleaners before you are happy to leave them alone in your property. Whether you are an owner of a company, or an office manager, your decisions will always impact on your employees, so choosing the right cleaning company is key.

It is fundamental to the Cool to Clean Ltd. ethos that our brand is explicitly linked with trustworthiness. It is a reputation we have worked hard to build and one that our clients are pleased to confirm. On occasions where prospective clients have been keen to understand more about our business and perform understandable background checks, our current client base are always happy to oblige.

Reputation is vital, as are referrals. This is why are always happy to supply you with references on request, so you know exactly who will be entering your space and what makes them qualified to do so.

We also believe in protocol as a way to aid trust. If you have certain procedures or regulations that you expect your staff to follow, then please let us know too. This could range from where to put forgotten or lost possessions, to keeping out of certain cupboards or rooms. Part of our protocol is to return any forgotten valuables we find to the drawer of the desk it is on, followed by an email to let you know its location. If you would prefer a different method then it is crucial we know.

So when you choose your cleaner make sure you think beyond how well they might claim to clean. Make sure quality is always matched with trust.