Safety in the Workplace – More Cleaning Tips

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of a clean office environment. In previous Cool to Clean Ltd. blog posts we’ve talked about how a clean and clutter free work space increases workers productivity, as well as creates a professional self-image for customers and clients to see.

These are not the only reasons. If your office equipment is properly cleaned and cared for, you can actually prolong its lifespan and save yourself money. Firstly, because you won’t have to be replacing your equipment as often. Secondly, because dust and dirt can slow down the speed your equipment operates at. To use an old cliché, time equals money. A quick clean now could save you hours later.

Another reason to keep your office clean, the most important perhaps, is office safety. Should you, your employees or a customer trip over rubbish or get ill from mould or bugs which have been living in unclean kitchen areas, then you have not only a health risk, but a legal case too.

In light of all this, we’ve compiled a short list of ways to keep your work space in optimum condition:

  1. Make sure you have a cleaning bucket or cupboard filled with essential office cleaning equipment. This should include antibacterial sprays, dusting cloths, glass cleaner and paper towels. You could even create an easy to follow laminated chart that gives your employees step by step instructions on how to clean common office stains and messes.
  2.  To keep clutter at a minimum you can allocate a space for every essential item in your office. That way you know there is enough room for everything and can easily clear out any un-needed office additions.
  3.  Food hygiene in an office is very important. If everyone kept their lunch in a fridge with harmful bacteria in it, your whole workforce could get sick. Ask employees to put their name on anything they place in the fridge. That way you know who to ask when it’s time to throw food out.
  4.  Our final point is to pretend you are a client coming into your office for a meeting. What are your eyes drawn to? Are there any areas that look dishevelled or dirty? You could walk the route that a client would take and make sure there are no trip or safety hazards for anyone to fall over. You’ll be surprised by what you can see, just by using another’s perspective.


Cleaning Tips for Your Office

At Cool to Clean Ltd we talk a lot about the importance of a clean office space. It has been proven that staff who are surrounded by a tidy environment will increase their productivity and efficiency throughout the day. This is probably because they spend more time worrying about their work than keeping their own space clean. It is also a great advert for your business to have a clean office space. It tells visiting clients or customers that you are a company who cares about its image. If you want to look be seen as professional it is important that where you work reflects that in how it is presented.

The easiest way to achieve this kind of cleanliness is to hire the services of a professional contract cleaning company. At Cool to Clean we have access to the latest cleaning technology, as well as a team of dedicated staff who have been trained with the most up-to-date cleaning techniques.

We are always looking for clever ways to keep every part of your office clean and guarantee a quality finish. Below are a few of the more traditional techniques we have come across, a selection that you and your staff can use during the day before your cleaner arrives.

Eucalyptus Oil

This magical elixir comes from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, which are dried, crushed and then distilled to produce an oil ready to be diluted and distributed. Found in products like Vicks Vaporub, it is commonly used to clear chest congestion and ease coughs. Not just great for health though, it can also be used to remove the sticky residue left by stickers after you remove them from windows. A dash of eucalyptus and they are squeaky clean again.


Has your office kitchen microwave experienced one too many reheated dinners and exploded soups? The easiest way to get rid of the food stains inside is to take vinegar, mix it with water and place them in a bowl. Set the microwave to heat for 10 minutes with the bowl inside and hey presto you are clean. Simply wipe down the surfaces and away you go.

Hair Spray

Sometimes, though lack of concentration, we can all get a little carried away with our market pens and find ourselves drawing on a surface that isn’t necessarily designed for ink. If your desk has received this treatment then try a little hairspray on the stain and simply wipe away. Fresh looking desk and a shiny clean surface is assured.

Bicarbonate of Soda

The go-to cleaning product for housewives across the UK. Having a small pot in the office may feel strange but can be a real stain saver. If your office is anything like ours then tea is regularly being poured and occasionally spilt on your carpets. A simple tip is to take a little bicarb mixed with water and gently rub into the stain. It may need repeating a few times but it certainly beats forking out for a new carpet!

Spring Cleaning – A One-Off Clean

Spring is now officially upon us, and along with blossoming flowers, bleating lambs and warmer weather it is also the time of year when the term ‘Spring Clean’ gets thrown around. At Cool to Clean Ltd. we understand that this often means different things to different people (as well as different cleaning service providers), but to us it is the opportunity for our clients to start from scratch, with a squeaky clean canvas of exceptional quality in either their home or office.

The ‘Spring Clean’ could almost be replaced with ‘Deep Clean’ in our eyes, something we are able to deliver year round. It is the idea that you blow away the cobwebs, not just figuratively but literally too, attacking the build-up of dust, dirt and bacteria that may well have accumulated over the winter months and breathing new life into your home or office space.

We also find that companies and individuals across the country see the Spring Clean as an opportunity to test out a new supplier. That is why we offer a One-Off Spring Clean Service at this time of year, to give you the chance to test out not only the quality of our clean, but the professionalism and friendliness of our cleaners too. After all, it is a combination of the two that creates the most effective working environment for us both.

Our Spring Clean can cover a number of different features, including:

The Deep Clean – Through a combination of industry leading chemicals, equipment and employees, we are able to clean depths you didn’t realise you had. A comprehensive cleanse of your home or office.

The Steam Clean – Using the latest technology our steam cleaners can reach the root of you carpet and the hidden corners of your bathroom. Refreshing and revitalising, you not only protect but prolong material life with steam.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Clean – Whether in the home, where both can sometimes be neglected, or for a catering company that needs to meet stringent industry standards, our kitchen and bathroom cleans include descaling for a spotless finish. Hygiene enhancing we make sure your business, or home, meets legislation.

So whatever ‘Spring Cleaning’ means to you, speak to Cool to Clean Ltd today. With a unique service that is committed to providing the most comprehensive, customised clean we can, your definition may never be the same again.

Trusting Your Cleaner

Trust plays a huge part in any business transaction, especially when it comes to letting people into your personal space. We work in offices across London and Essex, providing a service that places trust, honesty and integrity alongside quality in everything we do. As business owners ourselves we understand the dynamic of office space and how protective people can be. We also have experience of how personal belongings and valuables can often be left behind overnight.

Cash, Wallets, phones and iPads are just some of the objects that can be forgotten for the evening, both intentionally or otherwise. If you employ a less reputable company this can often cause concern, bringing strain and stress to the workplace as people are forced to gather everything they own before heading home.

With Cool to Clean Ltd. we understand the necessity to feel relaxed and trusting of your cleaners before you are happy to leave them alone in your property. Whether you are an owner of a company, or an office manager, your decisions will always impact on your employees, so choosing the right cleaning company is key.

It is fundamental to the Cool to Clean Ltd. ethos that our brand is explicitly linked with trustworthiness. It is a reputation we have worked hard to build and one that our clients are pleased to confirm. On occasions where prospective clients have been keen to understand more about our business and perform understandable background checks, our current client base are always happy to oblige.

Reputation is vital, as are referrals. This is why are always happy to supply you with references on request, so you know exactly who will be entering your space and what makes them qualified to do so.

We also believe in protocol as a way to aid trust. If you have certain procedures or regulations that you expect your staff to follow, then please let us know too. This could range from where to put forgotten or lost possessions, to keeping out of certain cupboards or rooms. Part of our protocol is to return any forgotten valuables we find to the drawer of the desk it is on, followed by an email to let you know its location. If you would prefer a different method then it is crucial we know.

So when you choose your cleaner make sure you think beyond how well they might claim to clean. Make sure quality is always matched with trust.

The Importance of Office Cleaning

At Cool to Clean Ltd we truly understand the value of a clean office, both to visitors to your premises and your employees. A vital aspect of business is perception. No matter how successful and respectable your company is, if it isn’t reflected in your office space your business will suffer. A clean and organised office gives the impression of a similarly immaculate provider. Your staff too can feel inspired by their environment and reflect your company ethos more effectively when in clean and ordered surroundings.

We offer a range of cleaning services across London and Essex for offices in a variety of industries. Whoever we supply though, we make sure that our cleaners are thorough in their work. A common example is desk space. Whereas some of our competitors are happy to simply clean the areas on show, a Cool to Clean Ltd employee goes above and beyond, giving them a deep clean and a more comfortable space. It is simple changes like this that can make such a huge difference.

Another level to our service that is often overlooked is the provision and purchase of cleaning products. Based on your requirements we are able to source top industry supplies, without adding a premium to the price. Our excellent relationships with janitorial wholesalers mean great prices on great products, with the savings passed on to you. Each product we buy is then added to a monthly spreadsheet, maintaining the transparency of our service and keeping you completely in the loop in regards to charges.

With Cool to Clean Ltd you are guaranteed a comprehensive service that saves you time and money. When you enlist us we are able to deal with all aspects of your clean, from sourcing products to arranging the most convenient times to visit. Our contracts are tailored to meet your requirements too, with management and maintenance key to our offering. Different spaces require a different approach, which is why we assign cleaners specific to your office style and size as opposed to a ‘one cleaner for all’ approach. Whether you are looking for daily, weekly, monthly or even specialist one-off deep cleans to clear the cobwebs, our competitive pricing and expert knowledge make Cool to Clean Ltd the first choice of professionals across the region.

Honesty and reliability are integral to our service, along with representing the companies we work for in the most effective way possible. If your cleaning company isn’t giving you the depth of service you need then think about a change today for a more refined and professional environment. Call us on 0203 668 2003 or email us at to change the way that your office looks and feels forever.