Spring Cleaning – A One-Off Clean

Spring is now officially upon us, and along with blossoming flowers, bleating lambs and warmer weather it is also the time of year when the term ‘Spring Clean’ gets thrown around. At Cool to Clean Ltd. we understand that this often means different things to different people (as well as different cleaning service providers), but to us it is the opportunity for our clients to start from scratch, with a squeaky clean canvas of exceptional quality in either their home or office.

The ‘Spring Clean’ could almost be replaced with ‘Deep Clean’ in our eyes, something we are able to deliver year round. It is the idea that you blow away the cobwebs, not just figuratively but literally too, attacking the build-up of dust, dirt and bacteria that may well have accumulated over the winter months and breathing new life into your home or office space.

We also find that companies and individuals across the country see the Spring Clean as an opportunity to test out a new supplier. That is why we offer a One-Off Spring Clean Service at this time of year, to give you the chance to test out not only the quality of our clean, but the professionalism and friendliness of our cleaners too. After all, it is a combination of the two that creates the most effective working environment for us both.

Our Spring Clean can cover a number of different features, including:

The Deep Clean – Through a combination of industry leading chemicals, equipment and employees, we are able to clean depths you didn’t realise you had. A comprehensive cleanse of your home or office.

The Steam Clean – Using the latest technology our steam cleaners can reach the root of you carpet and the hidden corners of your bathroom. Refreshing and revitalising, you not only protect but prolong material life with steam.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Clean – Whether in the home, where both can sometimes be neglected, or for a catering company that needs to meet stringent industry standards, our kitchen and bathroom cleans include descaling for a spotless finish. Hygiene enhancing we make sure your business, or home, meets legislation.

So whatever ‘Spring Cleaning’ means to you, speak to Cool to Clean Ltd today. With a unique service that is committed to providing the most comprehensive, customised clean we can, your definition may never be the same again.

Pre and Post Tenancy Cleans

There is nothing better for a tenant moving into a property than to have a clean slate, a blank canvas on which to impart their personality. No clutter, no mess, just a clean and fresh environment to unload their things and begin their new life.

There is also nothing better for a landlord or agent than to be able to immediately present a clean slate or blank canvas to potential suitors when a tenant moves out. It is a good sign when the house is as well presented now as when it was first built and makes life a lot easier when it comes to letting.

This doesn’t happen by itself though. For those looking for pre and post tenancy cleans in areas across Essex and London, the answer is Cool to Clean Ltd. Our professional and comprehensive cleaning service has proven invaluable to landlords, estate agents and property managers across the city, helping to set a spotless precedent for their future tenants to achieve. Through the experience and expert eye our cleaners possess, no dirt or grime is safe.

The confidence we have of providing you with the most effective pre and post tenancy cleaning comes through regularly working alongside and listening to both landlords and tenants, to understand what each side is looking for and how certain standards can be set. For a tenant an unclean property is a no-go, meaning a pre-tenancy clean is an investment and a necessity. For a landlord an unclean property means time and that equals money. At Cool to Clean Ltd we are able to manage that time at a competitive price that keeps all sides happy.

We have the knowledge to guarantee that every room in your house is given the attention it needs:

  • Bathrooms get the benefit of disinfected floors, toilets and sinks, with showers and baths descaled. All counters are wiped spotlessly clean and mirrors perfectly reflective.
  • Kitchens receive deep cleans to ovens, microwaves and other appliances, including dishwashers. We clear out cupboards and disinfect countertops. We even make sure to defrost the freezer!
  • Bedrooms receive a customary vacuum, with cupboards, drawers and wardrobes also left beautifully clean and windows attended to.
  • Living rooms again get vacuumed, polished and windows seen to, both glass and frame.

Then think of every room in between.

Our aim is always to make sure that a property is left as clean as the day it was built, giving landlords a spotless property to look to let out and tenants a home that they quickly want to rent. Our high levels of cleanliness are reflected throughout the house, with grime and dirt struggling to escape our expert eye and 100 degree steam technology.

So for that fresh, unlived in feel, speak to Cool to Clean Ltd today. We are the cost effective and time saving way of guaranteeing your property is restored to its most perfect form.